How To Make Your Corporate Apparel Appeal To Shoppers

If you're marketing apparel online or in retail establishments, you want to appeal to people who are knowledgeable about fashion, because that's where the money is. You also want to convert style novices into fashion aficionados to bring in new business. To make corporate wear attractive is challenging, but if you take a page out of the European style book, you can make it work. Here's how.

Make It Fit Properly

In general, Europeans buy their fashion to flatter their individual figures, not to adhere to a current trend. You need to convince North American audiences that this makes their clothes look better. Many men in Canada and the US buy their shirts, pants, and jackets way too big, and women do not define their waists, preferring baggy styles. Some people think this hides their weight or figure flaws, when in fact it only makes them look larger; or they simply think this is how clothing should fit.

To really demonstrate how much better European cuts look on every build, you need to photograph your clothing as the "after" in a series of makeover shots. Your apparel should fit at the shoulders, cuff, waist, hip, and hem. Encourage your shoppers to wear the right shoes with the proper heel height for your clothing, and make alterations an easy, if not free, part of purchase.

Let It Move Easily from Day to Night

Corporate shoppers often work crazy long hours. The clothing you sell them has to go from a morning meeting over coffee to a late night session over dinner and drinks. A wardrobe that sticks to neutral colors does this best: black, white, beige, and charcoal. (Beware navy and brown, as these can easily look cheap without the right fabrics and accessories.)

Make your pieces versatile, so they can take your clients from day to night with ease. A sleeveless shift can be worn with a jacket at the office and with a string of pearls and heels for dinner. A pair of men's trousers can be paired with a sweater and scarf during the day and a beautiful textured jacket at night.

Show It with Fun Accessories

The key to showing neutral investment pieces in a way that makes them exciting is to photograph or model them with accessories that can change the look. Shoppers may be more interested in buying a few quality items over a large quantity of cheap clothing if they can achieve different vibes with the use of accessories.

Accessories and Calgary promotional products allow buyers to show off their personal styles, add color, make day-to-night transformations easier, and let travelers wear the same pieces repeatedly in different ways. Consider doing a "look book," where you photograph the same suits or basic elements with a variety of accessories to show how versatile they are.

Some very successful retailers in Europe produce catalog pages or magazine spreads where they show one suit worn several different ways, paired with everything from dress shirts or silk blouses to casual sweaters or t-shirts. Handbags, hosiery, suspenders, jewelry, and even eyewear or umbrellas make the same suit look fresh and completely different.

It takes a little creativity and some fashion know-how to make corporate apparel stand out in a crowded but often boring market. Follow the tips above, and you may see your suits walking down the streets of Montreal or Vancouver looking like they stepped out of a top fashion magazine.